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All sizes | Found stones | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Woman stoned to death in Syria for having a Facebook account
An extremist court equated social media activity with adultery.
Syria | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Man pleads guilty to volunteering for Al Qaeda on Facebook
Maybe Twitter was the way to go.
All sizes | Syria flag | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Cyber war in Syria is accelerating, study says
And they're using U.S. companies to do it.
undefined Syrian Electronic Army hacks Time's Person of the Year poll, Twitter account
In response to Time's description of Assad, the SEA strikes again.
Syrian+Electronic+Army+Logo1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The Syrian Electronic Army's latest target: Obama
This included a more-or-less defunct donation site and Obama’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.
undefined Why the Syrian uprising is the first social media war
This is how we see war in 2013: next to like buttons and view counters.