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barack obama

muslim obama interviews Jimmy Kimmel asked random people if they thought Obama was a Muslim
Some of their answers may surprise you.
More Republicans think Ted Cruz was born in the US than think Barack Obama was born in the US. Republican voters still don't know where Barack Obama or Ted Cruz were born
Pro tip: Ted Cruz was born in Canada.
President Barack Obama smiling White House petition wants Obama to drink his own piss
It was only a matter of time.
donald trump giving a speech Voters are already sick of the election—and it's not just because of Trump
The presidential race is way too long, and the Internet is tired of it.
Everything that makes Hillary Clinton's college plan great is exactly why it will fail
America's college students need debt reform—but it will never happen in today's America.
Crazy offensive internet censorship weapon from China China reportedly hacked private emails of top Obama administration officials
The names of the those allegedly targeted have not been released.