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new york stock exchange China is censoring online news of stock market plunge
Of course, it's not working as planned.
China bans 'Attack on Titan' and 'Death Note' in major anime crackdown
It's a bad day to be a Chinese anime fan.
EuEiJ1o.jpg (1024×623) Smart chopsticks know if your food is healthy or will kill you
Can't tell if your foods gone bad? These chopsticks can. 
hkflag.png (1440×900) China is censoring a 7-minute sci-fi flick about the demise of Hong Kong
It's titled "Hong Kong Will Be Destroyed After 33 Years," which happens to be its full reunification with mainland China.
J32ENFS.png (1024×512) Microsoft caught censoring the Internet for China—even in the U.S.
Microsoft chalked up the problem to a bug.