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undefined Privacy International calls for criminal investigation into U.K. ‘malware’ manufacturer
Australia, South Africa, Belgium and Qatar all also reportedly use the software.
Pearl Roundabout Bahrain bans Guy Fawkes masks for some reason
Citing “public safety,” Bahrain has made importation of the “revolution masks” illegal. The government mistook the forest for the trees.
Muhafdhah Bahraini activist arrested over photos of police violence
Sayed Yousif Al-Muhafdhah was arrested for spreading "false information" after he tweeted photos of police using Molotov cocktails and shotguns against protesters.
drake Buzzed: Drake, Fieri, and scoring coke on Twitter
Bret Easton Ellis fumbles on Twitter while Kim Kardashian makes milkshakes.
bahrainarrest Bahrain charges 4 for insulting king on Twitter
Four men, all in their 20s, were arrested Wednesday for defamation against Bahrain's royal family.
protest40 Reporters Without Borders announces "Enemies of the Internet" for 2012
Bahrain and Belarus better behave. And India and Kazakhstan? We're keeping an eye on you.