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Teen sentenced to prison after appearing as bait in Backpage ad used for robbery
The teen was used as bait for a Backpage robbery scheme. Now she faces up to 20 years in prison.
image of a computer with various celebrities on the screen How sex work dominated the news in 2015
This year was a turning point for media coverage of sex work.
illustration of a woman sex worker on the street There's no excuse for social media inaction on child sex trafficking
The real lesson from Facebook's most recent, big move.
Federal raid of offices Federal raid of gay escort site shocks LGBT community
'The real question is whether LGBT orgs will also rally.'
smashed iphone with an image of a sexy lady on the screen Judge orders sheriff to cease campaign against Backpage sex-worker ads
Backpage is still hanging by a thread.
Women kills attacker with his gun, ends up saving world from serial killer Woman kills attacker with his gun, unknowingly takes out a serial killer
A suspected serial killer who targeted sex workers has been killed by one of his victims.