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attack on titan

New 'Attack on Titan' movie trailer is the most detailed and disturbing one yet
You'll see more titans in more detail than ever.
Batman Arkham Knight Artist Chris Burnham says DC Comics is 'like the Fortress of Solitude with cubicles and s**t'
Chris Burnham stops by the shows to talk Batman, Suicide Squad, and more.
Now we know why a crucial 'Attack on Titan' character was left out of the movie
Instead of changing his name to something less foreign, the filmmakers erased his character altogether.
New live-action 'Attack on Titan' trailer teases U.S. release
The movies are starting to sway us, even though they don't have too much in common with that anime you like.
The 17 best anime theme songs ever
You don't know all the words but you still sing along every time.
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