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attack on titan

Here's your first look at the dub for 'Attack on Titan: Junior High'
Somehow a 12-year-old Eren Yeager sounds exactly like we'd expect.
'Attack on Titan' the game looks terrifying in this new trailer
Titans are even scarier when you're behind the controls.
Just announced 'Attack on Titan' anthology will feature all-star roster of U.S. comics creators
An all-star roster of Marvel and DC powerhouses will be headlining next year's full-color anthology.
attack on titan 'Attack on Titan: Junior High' adds strange live-action treasure hunt scenes
Attack on Titan's tween-friendly spinoff now includes a wacky live-action treasure hunt sequence.
Illustration from Koei Tecmo games. The new 'Attack on Titan' video game looks awesomely terrifying
Not for the faint of heart.
attack on titan Nothing will prepare you for the 'Attack on Titan: Junior High' trailer
This show re-imagines 'Attack on Titan' as a child-friendly comedy series. Seriously.