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dictionary adds 'basic,' 'brogrammer,' and 'revenge porn'
Your vocabulary just got bigger.
sending doctored email American Commitment allegedly faked anti-net neutrality emails to Congress
Big Cable and its allies will do anything to win.
tumblr Gamergate's doomed plan to win over Tumblr
This is almost too sad to be funny.
Lumia 920 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Nokia offers free Lumia phone to guy whose Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire
Companies do battle over a disillusioned customer.
astroturf | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Is Google astroturfing YouTube?
The tech giant is accused of battling user backlash on the front lines.
All sizes | Shadows and Gold | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Samsung slapped with massive fine for buying fake online reviews
And investigation by Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission revealed that Samsung paid students to post fake paise of the company in online forums.