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phonetypewritermain.png (1400×700) Ask a Freelancer: How can Instagram help my writing?
From promotional materials to inspirational quotes, you'd be surprised at what the simple photo-sharing app can do for your work.
Books to be returned... | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Ask a Freelancer: Helping women get published
In Ask a Freelancer, Melissa Chadburn fields questions about writing, the blogosphere, platform building, and all things scary.
698px-Coloured_Cards_and_Envelopes_(3859554453).jpg (698×1024) Ask a Freelancer: On submission-bombing contests and the odds of a win
Even with something you think is a guaranteed winner, it's important to keep these guidelines in mind for writing contests.
5624281846_4682cee8f5_b.jpg (1024×683) Ask a Freelancer: How to get out of the slush pile, part II
After the last column, several editors wrote in to share their personal experiences and advice from the other side of the pile
library2.png (1024×548) The 5 best social sites for writers online
We've told you the best places to read; now here's the best spots to get social with your fellow writers in their bathrobes. 
If I Had Something to Say | Flickr - Photo Sharing! How social do online writers really have to be?
I meet other writers online... but then, honestly, I prefer solitude in the "real" world. Is this terrible?