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Bernie SandersTwitter takes aim at Bernie Sanders' minority strategy with #BernieSoBlack
The former civil rights activist isn't scoring any points.
Arizona police sued after illegally arresting naked woman
The woman says she felt 'violated' and 'molested' by the officer.
brianaFacebook erupts over trans woman kicked out of Arizona bar
The woman claims the bartender told her 'we don't serve your kind here.'
Mosque4 things anti-Islamic bigots don't understand about Muslims
They're on the wrong side of history.
#NotMyAmerica points out the hypocrisy of anti-Islamic protests
A 'draw Muhammad' event outside a Phoenix mosque saw love and hate.
This is the worst most racist promposal everThe latest trend in high school promposals? Racism
The only thing more obnoxious than a promposal? A racist one.
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