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Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl tattoo NFL die-hard gets terrible, premature Super Bowl 50 tattoo
There might only be one possible solution to his troubles.
school desks Arizona school district responds to students' racist T-shirt message
'We are appalled and disappointed at this behavior and it will not be tolerated.'
grumpy cat diamondbacks Grumpy Cat reluctantly attends baseball game and 'throws' out first pitch
You can imagine how happy she was. Actually, you don't have to imagine: you can see it on her face.
Oregon recruiting video College football's top 25 teams, ranked by embarrassing videos
Get ready to laugh (or cringe).
Arizona Wildcats football Arizona Wildcats football coach unexpectedly cancels practice, mayhem ensues
It's like the Wildcats just won the national title.
Empty high school science classroom Arizona school district is putting anti-sex-ed stickers in science textbooks
Separation of church and... umm... what's that other thing?