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Barrett Brown over irc logs The secret chat logs of Barrett Brown
Brown is accused of helping the FBI's most-wanted hacker.
Lulsez Antisec leader and former FBI informant Sabu breaks his silence on CBS
For the first time in years, Sabu speaks
People on Boat with File of Papers in Water Illustration Gawker, Anonymous, an FBI informant, and the stolen emails that never existed
When Anonymous hackers are your source, things get messy.
STRATFOR-2.png (1440×720) Massive security flaws allowed for Stratfor hack, leaked report reveals
A previously unreleased audit by Verizon Business found that Stratfor failed to meet industry standards for cybersecurity. 
sdg.jpg (1583×1011) How an FBI informant orchestrated the Stratfor hack
Previously unseen chat logs reveal that Hector “Sabu” Monsegur—not Jeremy Hammond—instigated the infamous cyberattack. 
hammond-vector.png (1440×720) AntiSec hacker Jeremy Hammond bashes sentencing of FBI informant Sabu
Imprisoned AntiSec hacker Jeremy Hammond calls Sabu sentencing a "disgusting spectacle"