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Anthony Bourdain's love of Japanese culture shines in 'Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi'
The world famous chef says he wants his next project to be a book of Japanese ghost stories.
Family Festivus Celebration A YouTube guide to celebrating Festivus
See how "the rest of us" mark each holiday season.
redditdigest Anthony Bourdain cooks up a Reddit AMA
Also in today's Reddit Digest: moving out, combating stereotypes, Occupy Wall Street, and all of Hollywood's mistakes.
bourdainflight Anthony Bourdain's flight delayed due to "wet deuce" on a seat
Noted "iCarly" live-tweeter Anthony Bourdain revealed the reason for a delay on his American Airlines flight: Someone "dropped a wet deuce on a seat."
bourdain main Bored Anthony Bourdain live-tweets "iCarly"
With nothing to do before his new CNN show premieres sometime later this year, travel pioneer Anthony Bourdain has to find a way to entertain himself. 
beyonceblr 9 must-follow celebrity Tumblrs
Now that George Takei converted to Tumblr, we thought we'd show him what other stars get their microblog on.