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Reps. Eshoo and Farenthold Federal anti-SLAPP bill aims to stop lawsuits over bad online reviews
Your Yelp reviews could stand to be a little safer from the threat of lawsuit.
nvah73c.png (1024×614) How bad is the newly passed NSA bill? Just look at who voted 'yes'
Its biggest original supporters have said no; its biggest critics voted yes. What happened?
A troll | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Anti-patent-trolling bill heads to the Senate
Washington moves one step closer to limiting frivolous patent suits.
waldenastoria Congress offically can't decide if it likes Internet freedom
He's a good idea of what the current U.S. Congress is like: One party officially wants to say Internet freedom is a good thing. The other isn't quite so sure.
declarationRob Will the Declaration of Internet Freedom affect the House races?
The four members of the House of Representatives who have come out in support of open Internet are all up for re-election.