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Angela Merkel

Pariser Platz, BerlinGerman magazine files criminal complaint after revealing NSA targeted reporters
Der Spiegel's government source was allegedly outed by a U.S. embassy official.
Reichstag NSA collaborated with German intelligence to spy on European leaders
Chancellor Angela Merkel kept in the dark about German intelligence abuses
Australian flag over smartphoneAfter leaking Obama's passport data, Australian government agency bans autocomplete
White House conducting own investigation to make sure Obama's info wasn't compromised.
putin-snowden.jpg (1440×720)Snowden makes surprise appearance during 4-hour Putin interview
Edward Snowden is proving to be good at surprises.
Angela_Merkel_in_Slovenia_2011_(12).jpg (3680×2598)Who's on NSA's list of 122 heads of state to track?
We only know 11 of the 122. But No. 9 is the NSA's old favorite, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
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