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amy schumer

The biggest threat to your child's safety isn't toy guns—it's the real ones
Fact: Your child more is likely to die from a gun accident than from cancer.
Amy Schumer and Sen. Chuck Schumer unveil their plan to stop mass shootings
Spurred by the Lafayette theater shooting, the actress and her senator cousin outlined their gun-control plan.
Amy Schumer doesn't owe you a feminist movie
We think celebrities owe it to us to advocate our personal ideals. News flash: They don’t.
colorful image of a gun barrel The myth of the 'senseless' mass shooting
There's nothing 'senseless' about America's gun violence epidemic.
Rick Perry Rick Perry is wrong—more guns won't make America's movie theaters safer
America’s mass shootings problem is not helped by useless solutions.
Vintage drawing of women's faces The war on female voices is just another way of telling women to shut up
If a woman is talking, she must be doing something wrong.
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