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Amazon Prime

top gear amazonFormer 'Top Gear' hosts sign 3-season deal with Amazon
The first season will premiere in 2016.
amazon prime dayIf you hated Amazon Prime Day, you'll love the parody trailer for its sequel
What could be more exciting than Amazon Prime deals for discounted shoehorns and floppy discs?
Difficult People Coming soon to Hulu and Amazon Prime
Larry David and 'Difficult People' will help you settle in.
spike lee chi-raqAmazon Studios moves into feature films with Spike Lee's 'Chi-Raq'
Lee is already facing criticism for comparing Chicago to Iraq.
Amazon Prime Day was a giant, overhyped garage sale
What Amazon Prime Day means for the future of retail.
How to get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day
Get your wallets out. Then empty them.
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