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illustration of the I Want To Believe poster CIA offers to help Agents Mulder and Scully prove the existence of UFOs
The truth is out there in a bunch of PDFs.
breaking bad earthling cinema Here's an alien's take on 'Breaking Bad'
He's pretty perceptive.
Trending under 'Virgin Atlantic': It's a bird / it's a plane / it's a drone 6 things that 'UFO' is more likely to be than a real alien ship
Only some of these are as realistic as chalking it up to aliens.
Glow-in-the-dark sharks are the highlight of Shark Week
Stepping away from its usual nightmare fuel, Shark Week gives us fun science about sharks of the deep.
Mondo rolls out 'Ant-Man,' 'Hellboy,' TMNT exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con
Lucky SDCC-goers who make it to the Mondo booth early can pick up vinyl, collectibles, and poster art.