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the good game logo is fused with the twitch logo Did Twitch actually buy a talent agency? Good Game highlights legal conundrums for esports
The intersection of esports and entertainment law has created a knotty and unprecedented legal conundrum.
twitch logo pattern on Stock Art Alex Garfield and Twitch speak on surprise GoodGame purchase
The world's most popular streaming platform just purchased the world's biggest esports agency.
Riot Games Logo Riot Games introduces new 'sale of sponsorships' rule
The distinction between brands and teams isn't that easy.
esports-journo.png (1440×720) As eSports booms, journalists struggle to find acceptance—and paychecks
Competitive gaming is booming. So why can't journalists make any money?
topten-esports.jpg (1440×720) The most important people in eSports in 2013
It was the biggest year ever for competitive gaming. Here are the people who made it happen.
PPrRqxe.jpg (836×522) Alex Garfield is bringing a George Steinbrenner mentality to eSports
It's only a matter of time until tycoons dominate eSports the way they do sports.