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Air Force

Anthony HillGeorgia police kill naked, unarmed veteran, sparking new outrage
Anthony Hill, a #BlackLivesMatter activist, became the latest victim of state violence.
wedding, drone, legal, lawDid this congressman break the law by using a drone to film his wedding?
Rep. Sean Maloney can't claim he's unfamiliar with FAA rules—he oversees the agency.
f6NoGCi.jpg (958×540)This photographer has the best seat on Earth for air shows
We have to watch from the ground. Sgt. Larry Reid Jr. doesn't have this problem.
SpaceX rocketAir Force general: We're 'busting our butts' to launch SpaceX rockets
Private space company accuses Air Force of playing favorites when it comes to giving out contracts.
jm7J3tf.jpg (960×539)You have to see this fighter pilot's missile-launch selfie
The next level of selfies is the stratosphere.
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