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Kiss me by ~Tatarnikova on deviantART Fandom's Ultimate Slash Madness tourney enters the Elite Eight
Will Supernatural's Wincest take it all home, or will Inception and Sherlock fans keep their ships afloat longer?
vhelton Rule 34: Why After Elton and VH1 just hooked up on Tumblr
Personified versions of websites After Elton and VH1 are the romantic leads in Tumblr's latest popular fanfiction meme.
afterelton After Elton's TV slash relationship poll gets huge response from fandom
After an Entertainment Weekly TV poll snubbed a popular gay relationship, fans who want to see male characters together on their favorite shows got a poll of their own from After Elton. Hundreds of thousands of votes have already been cast.
After Elton "Teen Wolf" fans bite Entertainment Weekly, get new poll at After Elton
After Entertainment Weekly left a popular same-sex Teen Wolf pairing out of a TV relationship poll, gay-focused pop culture website After Elton started a new poll just for same-sex 'ships.