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lion Guide killed by lion in same national park where Cecil lived
An adult male lion reportedly attacked despite repeated safety measures.
Paypal logo Expanding into Kenya, PayPal eyes African markets
As African economies grow, security needs to grow too.
graph bars with china's flag imprinted on them The real reason everybody should panic about #BlackMonday
No country's economy should be 'too big to fail.'
Artist's conception of a futuristic African city A dream of the perfect high-tech city on the African savannah
Game Changer or third world boondoggle?
AirBnB branded soap Airbnb takes off in tech-friendly Africa
The green continent becomes the latest crowdsharing experiment.
Bullet and rifle Killing of Cecil the Lion casts shadow on hunting exploits of Trump family
Donald Trump's sons killed elephant, leopard, crocodile, kudu, and cape buffalo in Zimbabwe in 2012.
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