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technology in Ghana’s schools
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Can technology and a new way of teaching help Ghana’s schools?
In the African country, an ambitious program uses video conferencing to train underfunded and overwhelmed teachers. But is it enough?
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rhino gopro An African wildlife refuge strapped a GoPro to a rhino and let us see his day
A lot of eating, sleeping, and more eating.
Whatsapp logo pattern How Ugandans can beat government censorship
As officials openly censors the Internet, citizens turn to Tor and Psiphon.
Lemur, eating unknown fruit or vegetable or root Breakdancing marine biologist raises thousands for endangered lemurs
How could you say no to these little guys?
Man launching drone How drones are saving African elephants and rhinos from poachers
Air Shepherd program wants to tackle poaching with surveillance drones.
Ostrich head Cyclists freak out when a huge ostrich starts chasing them
Their workout was a little more intense than they expected.