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AC-130 Doctors Without Borders calls for war-crimes investigation over U.S. hospital bombing
'This was not just an attack on our hospital—it was an attack on the Geneva Conventions.'
The Pentagon bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital—why aren't we talking about it?
These devastating tweets show why it's time to rethink drone warfare.
Obama praises social media's power to 'expose corruption' in U.N. speech
'You can control access to information, but you can’t lie about truth.'
WTC sillhouette with smoke cloud September 11th, 2001, through the eyes of IRC channels
From computer programmers to Pokemon fans, this is how it went down online.
ISIS with captives Gay Middle Easterners tell U.N. Security Council about living in fear of ISIS
The council heard primarily from gay Middle Eastern men who fear persecution at the hands of ISIS.
George W Bush George W. Bush charged veterans' group $100,000 for speech
The former president also charged for the use of a private jet to the event.