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Kid Standing Next to Row of Kneeling People Praying The danger facing American Muslims is bigger than the Chapel Hill shooting
Craig Stephen Hicks didn't act alone.
Photo of Slain Sandy Hook Teacher Vicki Soto Sandy Hook victim's family seeks trademark to stop online harassment
Fake Twitter accounts are spreading Sandy Hook conspiracies, and this family is fighting back.
All sizes | Navy Yard really is a Navy yard | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Navy Yard shooter identified after false initial reports
Meanwhile, journalists with both CBS and NBC retracted earlier tweets after wrongly reporting the suspect's name.
undefined This is the likely online alias of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza
As Kaynbred, Lanza's favorite haunts were mostly gun forums, where he displayed an intense curiosity about gun laws, weapons, and ammunition.  
sandy hook conspiracy Behind the "Sandy Hook Truther" conspiracy video 5 million people have watched in 1 week
How exactly does a homemade conspiracy video rack up 5 million views without any mainstream coverage?
ryanlanza222 New York Post duped by obvious Ryan Lanza impostor
The interview with Ryan Lanza, brother of Newtown, Conn., killer Adam Lanza, seemed like a blockbuster exclusive for The New York Post. Unfortunately it was all a hoax.