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Pregnant woman with question mark on belly #AskAboutAbortion wants Democrats to finally debate this hot-button issue
Abortion has been ignored at all five Democratic debates so far.
abstract art of planned parenthood logo After Texas surrender, anti-abortionist David Daleiden rejects prosecutor's plea bargain
Daleiden's videos are now considered evidence against him in court.
Planned Parenthood protest Texas grand jury indicts 2 anti-abortion activists behind Planned Parenthood videos
The grand jury also declined to file any charges against Planned Parenthood.
2015 March for Life March for Life hashtag flooded by pro-choice activists on Twitter
The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is Jan. 22.
Family Planning Associates-Chicago Photographer removes anonymity from abortion clinic harassment with new series
Wendi Kent photographs protesters for 'Faces of the Fight.'
People holding pro-choice signs Women are sharing their abortion stories in massive online speakout
Wendy Davis and others are participating.