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abstract art of the planned parenthood logo The history of anti-abortion terrorism in the United States
A former FBI bureau chief tells us how it all works.
Shooter surrenders after killing 3, wounding 9 at Colorado Planned Parenthood
Police are still combing over the facility to investigate 'devices' that the suspect left behind.
ben carson giving a speech Bernie Sanders vs. Ben Carson on climate change, taxes, ISIS, and abortion
Two presidential contenders on climate change, the Islamic State, the economy, and more.
abstract art of a "No Coathangers" sign How #ShoutYourAbortion will become an even bigger movement
Amelia Bonow wants to continue changing the stigma around abortion.
Texas says Planned Parenthood can't get state Medicaid funding
The governor cited a series of controversial anti-abortion videos.
woman yelling into a megaphone How #TrustBlackWomen pushes back against racially-motivated anti-abortion activism
The campaign addresses rumors that black women commit "genocide" by having abortions.