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3d printers

A new 3D printer sculpts objects out of molten glass
You wouldn't want one in your office, but this printer can create works of art.
LEGO Printer The world's first Lego 3D printer is a tech nerd's dream
It's built entirely with LEGO.
Apple II Watch, Apple Watch parody, retro Apple Watch, 3D printed Apple Watch You can 3D print your own Apple Watch
A 3D printer is probably less expensive than the real Apple Watch anyway.
tesla home line Here's what we hope Elon Musk will announce next month
It's likely a home battery, but we're dreaming of something bigger.
grilled chicken tacos The taco donut is upon us
3D printing works its latest miracle.
Some depraved soul rigged a 3D printer to perform the 'Jurassic Park' theme
John Williams would most definitely slow clap this performance.