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3-d printing

ICAkVgo.jpg (1600×1067) It's now possible to 3-D-print a working video game controller
Smash your video game controller in peace.
putin Someone 3-D-printed a Vladimir Putin butt plug
You've never seen the Grey Cardinal quite like this before. 
cut_copy.png (846×465) Cut Copy wants you to torrent its new single
You know times are tough in the music industry when bands are trying to monetize torrents.
20131030224151-photo_5_.JPG (1060×834) Maybe 3-D-printing your unborn fetus isn't such a good idea
“Wouldn’t you like to meet your baby before he or she is born?” asks a promotional video for the startup 3D Babies.
All sizes | Plastic Gun | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Senate fails to close 3-D-printed gun loophole
Bill to make plastic guns detactable dies on Senate floor.
Food 3D Printer Brings Us One Step Closer To Living In Star Trek Never order pizza again because now you can just 3-D-print it
It’s not delivery, it’s da’ printer.
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