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App Store icon 10 apps that should have made Apple's best of 2014 list
Seriously, where is Kim Kardshian: Hollywood!?
Game About Squares gameplay screenshot Game About Squares is like 2048 with a sense of humor
‟Squares are what this game is about, for the most part.”
flappy-bird-clones.png (1440×720) Why we can't stop cloning Flappy Bird
Despite what cynics may think, income usually isn’t  the main motivation developers have for copying games. 
2048-mirror.jpg (1440×720) 2048 and the battle of the Threes clones
Welcome to the future of video games.
NhhJODh.jpg (958×479) Flappy Bird and 2048 combine for the most addictive game of the year
The mutant spawn of Flappy Bird and 2048 will crush us all.
HjcpC2q.jpg (1024×681) There's a science to why you're so addicted to 2048
There's a perfectly good reason for your new habit.