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Never underestimate what people will bet on. Especially on social media.

Never underestimate what people will bet on. Especially on social media.

A football fan in New York who goes by the name Fisher King (no doubt a pseudonym) made a bet on Twitter that if Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel in Saturday’s Rams-Browns NFL preseason game, drinks were on him. Right. Drinks for everyone in the world.

Wait, there’s more. No only did the former Missouri star, a rookie this season, have to put Manziel on his keister, he had to follow it up with a mock celebration including the money sign dance that Johnny Football has made his trademark since his A&M days.

With his team ahead by 12 points in the fourth quarter, Sam was happy to oblige. Sack, dance, and all.

So, you might ask, where’s that martini you were promised?

Realizing he needed to pivot in a hurry and avoid the onrush of an angry Twitterverse, Fisher King offered up an alternative:

To which a  gracious Michael Sam suggested:

Just like that, Fisher King went from goat to hero:

It seems likely that Michael Sam was relieved to make the news for something other than being the first openly gay man to be drafted into the NFL. At this point, as NFL teams begin the process of trimming their rosters to 75 players midweek and 53 by the weekend, Sam’s biggest concern is making the final roster. He is competing against the all-pro tandem of Chris Long and Robert Quinn and a host of other defensive standouts. Unfortunately at 6 foot, 2-inches and 261 pounds, Sam is not ideal quarterback size; in the Browns game, the Rams lost their starter, Sam Bradford for the season with a torn ACL.

H/T Deadspin | Photo via Jeremy Noble (CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Jason Reed

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