Lindsey Weber explains #imagine, a teenage take on fanfiction that's sweeping Twitter.

Have you heard dubstep? Read the #imagine tag on Twitter? Seen the Tumblr of a person under the age of 15? Each week in YOLO*, Millennial analyst Lindsey Weber picks a new teen trend she doesn’t quite understand and attempts to unpack it before your very eyes.

#imagine you see a teen trend *smiles* ah, i get it, u say

That’s my ideal #imagine. #Imagine all I want, it’ll never be the complete truth. Neither will most of the #imagines floating around the Teen-o-sphere, as many center on romantic situations with pop stars like Justin Bieber and the boys (men?) of One Direction. No matter the viability of these individual #imagines, fanfiction has been around for as long as the Internet has.

What makes this #imagine thing so potent is that it’s an appropriation of the traditional longform fanfiction into streams of teen-inhabited social platforms. Twitter? Check. Tumblr? Yep. Pinterest? Okay, not really on Pinterest.

Let’s go over some basic #imagine Twitter practices:

Photo via i-am-taken-by-onedirection/Tumblr

*I’ve learned that teens don’t say YOLO anymore. Seriously. 

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