Thanksgiving Day in 15 GIFs

Thanksgiving feast
All the GIFs you need to survive the holiday.

In case you missed the memo from Nicole Westbrook, the day before Black Friday is something worth celebrating—either by hiding in your room and trawling Pinterest or by going on an extreme bird-and-potato binge. Here are all the GIFs you need—brought to you by Tumblr, Reddit, Friends, Seinfeld, and lots of anonymous animators—to survive the holiday.

Yep, we all know what day it is.

It's the one true American tradition: Stuffing our faces until we pass out.

Before dinner, we're a little impatient.

No matter how old we are, Thanksgiving turns us all into big babies.

Then the food comes out.

It's really good.

We have seconds.

Then the desserts come out.

Even if we feel like this …

When they try to take our plate away, it's like ...

But we can't fight it for long. The tryptophan kicks in. We're goners.

We might gain a little weight.

But it's Thanksgiving! It's all good.

Until the day after comes. 

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