Twitter's new video-sharing app Vine had its first real test this weekend, as the Super Bowl hit just 10 days after the service was unleashed.

Twitter's new video-sharing app Vine had its first real test this weekend, as the Super Bowl hit just 10 days after the service was unleashed. Fans shared videos from within the stadium and elsewhere as the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31.

The capacity of Twitter to cover live events is pretty well known at this point. The community's up-to-the-second updates provide an inside look at what's happening in any major incident.

The same holds true for Instagram, where photographers snap and quickly share images from incidents ranging from natural disasters to riots and beyond.

So Super Bowl Sunday was Vine's time to shine. An unofficial site called Vinebowl showed vines from the teams' fans in an effort "to see which Super Bowl team has the louder fans." Similar to Vinepeek, it showed a feed of all vines posted under the #bal and #sfo hashtags. As in the actual game, Baltimore emerged triumphant, with 404 vines to San Francisco's 375.

Vine didn't appear to suffer an outage like the one it stuttered through last week.

Vine's output was still a ways away from the number of tweets sent during the evening, but these are promising figures for a new service.

Here's a look at some of our favorite Vines from the evening, posted both inside and far away from the New Orleans Superdome.

Warming up for the game in typically upbeat New Orleans style.

Alyssa Milano, one of Vine's early celebrity proponents, was at the game and snagged plenty of Vines.

There were fans, and they were loud.

This seems like a solid way to watch the game and Beyoncé's halftime show.

Others just sang and danced along with Bey.

Jacoby Jones's full-field kickoff touchdown return was a Vine-worthy moment for many.

The biggest talking point of the game for Twitter, the power outage that caused a half-hour delay during the third quarter, also had some attention on Vine.

Any surprise that people were joking about the Super Bowl blackout on Vine? We wonder how long it'll take before we start seeing reactionary parody accounts à la Twitter.

Despite the big game, this is by far the best vine from New Orleans on Super Bowl Sunday.

Photo by Gelatobaby/Flickr

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