Sorry, feminists! Sarcastic Twitter users counter Straw Feminist trope

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Deborah Needleman and others are taking a unique approach to combating negative stereotypes about feminists. 

There are so many negative stereotypes about what feminism is that half the battle for equality is comprised of reasonable women trying to explain, “Actually, we don’t want to kill men.”

The tired Straw Feminist trope made a reappearance Monday when Deborah Needleman, the new editor of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, tweeted “sorry feminists” for the crime of calling another woman “sexy.” Feminists hate when women are called attractive, right?

In a subsequent hashtag, #SorryFeminists, actual feminists apologize for liking things "real feminists" aren’t supposed to like. The Daily Dot has collected some of these gems below.

Photo by @Queen_DionneX/Twitter

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