John Malkovich finds the meaning of life through Siri (and Twitter)

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Parody account @SiriandJohn has the answers to all of life's most important philosophical questions.

Siri, what is a parody?

Apple, not content for its “intelligent personal assistant” to solely proffer answers about the weather, recently roped in John Malkovich to star in another commercial and query Siri about bigger topics—like, you know, life.

Inevitably, the esteemed thespian’s conversation with Siri found its very own Twitter parody in short shrift.

With just a single prompt—the word “Life”—Siri regaled Malkovich with a number of musings about human existence (it was, apparently, unaware that a simple “42” would have sufficed). Malkovich then praised Siri, calling it “eloquent.” 

The odd, banal commercial quickly found a new home on Twitter, where @SiriandJohn documented the interaction between actor and app starting Monday.

Malkovich has since asked Siri about obese cat photos, hugging penguins, and Barney the Dinosaur costumes, among other things.

We cobbled together seven of our favorite interactions between Malkovich and Siri, though sadly we're still waiting for the one where the actor traverses through a crawl space into his own head.

Photo via YouTube

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