Celebrating Rollercoaster Day 2012

RCD 2012
Relive the excitement of the unofficial holiday, with help from YouTube stars Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch.

“Nothing is more powerful than a holiday that’s all about riding rollercoasters,” begins the "Kony 2012" parody announcing the third annual Rollercoaster Day, celebrated on Monday, May 14.

Rollercoaster Day, an impromptu holiday about skipping work or school “for a day of fun,” was created by YouTuber superstars Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch in 2010.  

What started out as two people goofing off on a Monday grew into an international undertaking covered by various local news outlets.

Roughly 300 people attended Six Flags Magic Mountain with Wong and Laatsch, while numerous others hit up their local theme parks. 

Photo via Twitter

freddie wong
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