Can we talk about Riff Raff's last 24 hours on Vine for a moment?


If there's any truth to rappers' Instagram feeds, Riff Raff is set to appear on the cover of GQ magazine next month. Should that happen, it will be a fedora-brimmed cap on a wet and wild month, one that saw the Houston-based rapper go from cult rap act to full-blown celebrity, a figure so colorful that he became the full-on inspiration for a major motion picture character. 

James Franco's to thank for that. His Alien from Spring Breakers took more than a few cues from the Mad Decent artist, and the man born Jody Christian has celebrated appropriately.

Following yesterday's fabled GQ shoot, Riff Raff fired off one of the greatest Vine tirades in the history of modern Internets. 

Still in suit, Riff Raff took to the bathroom to demonstrate how to properly say "Alright, now" and "Hold on, playa" to people you'd like to maintain a cordial relationship with. 

Then Raff gave us a behind the scenes look at his green room—and robin's egg blue shoes.

He followed that up by showing us how good of an actor he'd be if Harmony Korine ever wanted to cast him in a crime drama.

From there, Raff retreated to his hotel, where he let us in on a few personal details about his hopes and aspirations.

The highlight of the sequence was when he came up with this hook about taking a girl out for a glass of tequila. 

We're assuming Riff Raff got sufficiently stoned a few minutes before making this particular vine.

Evidence stands via this vine, a rap in which Raff admits he "did a lot of drugs but I'm not a dope fiend. Fuck it, maybe I am. I'm flipping candied yams."

Here's six seconds of Riff Raff calling cashews "squirrel boners."

Your move, Franco.

Photo via JodyHighRoller/Twitter