Everyone on Reddit wants Jeremiah Gorman to adopt them, after seeing the amazing spaceship bed he built for his young son.

Watching a Space Shuttle launch on YouTube, playing with a Lego space set, or visiting the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is as close as most children get to becoming a real-life astronaut.

That's unless you are the son of Reddit user Jeremiah Gorman. Gorman, who’s been on the social news site for three years, turned old TV parts, a joystick, and random buttons into a makeshift spaceship underneath his son's bed.

"I have to give my wife the credit for this one," Gorman wrote Saturday on Reddit Saturday in a post featuring a slideshow of the construction. "She had the idea, I just built things."

The photos of Gorman's son Finn playing with his NASA-inspired control panel collected 2,000 comments from envious redditors.

"You're adopting me. don't argue," whose_butt_hurts commented. "Edit: I'm 49 but it'll work."

Photos by Jeremiah Gorman/Reddit

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