YouTube channel Vsauce is the premier reference work for imaginative brainiacs who get drunk and start dropping wonderful questions across the Internet.

How much would Wikipedia weigh? Is eating yourself a viable survival strategy?  If you assume the Earth is spherical and you strap a belt around the equator--then add another six inches to it--how much will it rise above the Earth's surface?  

You may have never thought to ask these questions yourself, but if you possess even a basic human level of curiosity, you will agree that they all must be answered right now.

Thankfully Vsauce, which (quite accurately) bills itself as a purveyor of "mind-blowing facts," is on the case. Check the video below for these answers plus a few others.

Here's one: The English Wikipedia has about 2 billion words, which would translate into the equivalent of 1759 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Dump those on an imaginary industrial-sized scale, and it would report back 7,000 lbs. That's nearly twice as heavy as most cars.

Photo via Vsauce/YouTube