Police smash DJ gear with sledgehammers in anti-rave video

Officers at England's Norfolk Constabulary were court-ordered to destroy speakers and amps seized from an illegal rave, so they took sledgehammers to the gear in a YouTube video.

Officers at the Norfolk Constabulary in England have resorted to scare tactics in the police force's fight against the city's rave culture, posting a video onto its YouTube page that showed two cops breaking DJ equipment with their sledgehammers.

The equipment, which included a Crown amplifier and 24-inch Peavey speaker, was seized from a March rave in the east England county's Feltwell Woods neighborhood as part of a massive effort to cut down on raves in the area.

In the video, which lasts 25 seconds, the two policemen are shown smashing the exteriors of both pieces of equipment until they're presumably rendered unusable.

"This shows once again that we will not tolerate raves in Norfolk, superintendent Dave Marshall wrote on the police force's website. "They can have a real impact on people living in rural communities and we will continue to crack down on those who commit these crimes."

The individual responsible for throwing this particular rave was fined 100 euros ($130 US), in addition to the fact that he had to watch his cherished DJ equipment get mangled to pieces by two policemen wielding sledgehammers.

A police spokesperson reiterated that the equipment was court-ordered for destruction but offered no explanation as to why the police had to turn that order into a weird musical snuff film.

Photo via Norfolk Police/YouTube

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