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You might say he’s more than just a pad—he’s a pad with wings.

Last month, we introduced you to Pad Gardner, the Florida man whose dream in life is to become a disposable feminine pad

Pad’s goal is simple: He wants to serve his purpose—that is, spend a night doing what a maxi pad does—and then live out the remainder of his days as a used feminine product. In the meantime, he’s been busy. He recently embarked on a cross-country campaign to raise awareness about Toxic Shock Syndrome; and he’s been trying, unsuccessfully so far, to hold the official world record for the largest personal collection of feminine hygiene products.

But these are only stepping stones to his ultimate goal, and now it appears he may have reached it:

There’s no word from Pad on which company has offered to help Pad make the transition, or how exactly they intend to carry it off. “I'm scared to be worn for a period, but i still want to be forced to become a feminine pad,” wrote Pad on his Facebook, a few days before yesterday’s big announcement. Another status update from the same day suggests that he or the company might have in mind some kind of feminine product memorial in his honor. 

Given the lack of specificity involved, it’s no surprise that he’s having a bit of an existential crisis:

He’s also shown flashes of blood-related humor:


Pad has never presented his goal as a sexual fetish (he believes in a subset of Tantric religion that worships the vagina), but he did recently state a fondness for the body part he’s serving as a huge part of the appeal:

And he’s already gearing up for his new life, despite his understandable fears.

Ultimately, whether Pad is a Man or a Maxi, in the end he’s a dreamer, just like you and me. 

You might say he’s more than just a pad—he’s a pad with wings.

H/T @JessicaKRoy | Photo via Facebook

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