A week after 26 people were killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, the National Association for Gun Rights has started an all-out social media battle over gun control.

Even while the more prominent National Rifle Association took a step back on social media in the days following the Sandy Hook shooting, the NAGR has continued to be vocal on its defense of the Second Amendment. Even on the day of the shooting, NAGR posted a picture that said “More Guns, Less Crime.” It was liked more than 39,000 times and shared almost 11,300 times, and it gained more than 3,000 comments.

The gun-rights group has only gotten louder this week as politicians in Washington and across the country have called for more gun control. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama appointed Joe Biden to head a task force to look at preventing tragic events like Sandy Hook in the future. Although Obama said nothing about a ban on guns, you wouldn't get that impression by looking at NAGR's Facebook page. This week alone, the group has posted five pictures that urged people to “Stop Obama's Gun Ban” and each one gained thousands of likes.

Although each of the posts have gained many comments, not all of them are in support of the group's message.

“He doesn't want to ban guns! Did you bother reading his proposal? Assault weapons did not exist when the Constitution was written,” wrote Kathi Horton.

“There's no greater example of paranoia than some gun owner in fear of losing his toy, wrote Joe Boyd.

Interestingly, even after the Sandy Hook shooting, the NAGR had one of its best weeks yet on Facebook. According to the page, it has gained more than 30,000 fans in the last seven days.

On Friday morning, the NRA spoke publicly about the Sandy Hook shootings, calling for armed police officers in schools.

Image via the National Association for Gun Rights/Facebook