This image was posted to the social network by Cop Block, an advocacy group that aims to bring accountability to police departments and ensure that they don't abuse their badges.
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Anonymous salutes Christopher Dorner, ex-cop wanted for killing spree
Is Anonymous about to get a new face? Christopher Jordan Dorner, the former LAPD officer now on the run after allegedly shooting three people, is an unlikely inspiration. But then so was Guy Fawkes, Catholic revolutionary and would-be mass-murderer. What they have in common is a frustration unto fury with the Powers That Be, a desperation, and a belief that, as Dorner put it in his manifesto, "The only thing that changes policy and garners attention is death."
5-year-old Disney star gets death threats when her show introduces same-sex couple
Proving once again that they have sensible priorities in addition to the moral high ground, conservatives against same-sex marriage are using social media to threaten Mia Talerico, a 5-year-old Disney star—in some cases with gruesome death. Violent Instagram messages from one particularly deranged individual have prompted an official police investigation.

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