Nicolas Cage and the birth of the resumeme

College student Vanessa Hodja accidentally submitted a jarring photo of the actor instead of a résumé to a potential employer. Hilarity ensued. 

Call it a resumeme.

Vanessa Hodja's attempt to win herself an administrative assistant position took a turn for the OMG when the 20-year-old York University student accidentally attached a photo of actor Nicolas Cage to her email in lieu of a résumé.

What should have been a standard PDF somehow turned into a deranged photo of the Face/Off and Con Air actor staring straight ahead with a jagged set of pearly white teeth.

Hodja posted a screenshot of the email to her Tumblr immediately after realizing the mistake.

"I accidentally sent my potential future boss a picture of Nic Cage rather than my cover letter + resume which was a zip file titled with a bunch of numbers like the JPG I accidentally attached oh my god."

It's worth mentioning that Hodja's "Ask" button on her Tumblr page reads "The answer is Nicolas Cage" and her "About" page contains a message from friend Gabriela Varas that reads "Shut up Nicolas Cage."

Such allegiance to the Web's most beloved star may not be enough to earn a stuffy paycheck as an administrative assistant in the great land of Canada, but it's surely enough to land a job on the Internet. Can someone hire this woman?

Photo via YouTube

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