Twitter accounts mocking Asian, black, female, and overweight students at Murray State University are now in the community's crosshairs.

Twitter accounts mocking Asian, black, female, and overweight students at Murray State University are now in the community's crosshairs.

@MurrayAsian, @MSUblackpeople, and @MSUpartygirl are just a few of the accounts sending discriminatory tweets linked to the Kentucky university, according to the Murray State News. @MurrayAsian, known for mocking students' clothes or what students were doing in public spaces, lasted around a year before it was deleted Monday. 

The account posted tweets such as "Called Ting back home to tell him about America he shit his pants when I told him everything isn't made out of bamboo and paper mâché" and retweeted messages like "Had two @MurrayAsian's sitting behind me in class just chingchonging away."

The "disgusting" @MSUblackpeople has shared nine racially driven tweets so far, while @MSUpartygirl has picked up more than 300 followers.

Other accounts causing concern for some include @MSUFatGirl, @WatchMSU (which shares candid photos of students and makes comments on their appearance), and blackout-photo Twitter @MurrayPassouts.

Roughly 15 international students met with administrators Monday to discuss their concerns. Several demanded an apology from the people sending the offensive tweets.

The university shared a statement on its Facebook page, where it wrote that it "does not condone any actions that are discriminatory, insensitive or offensive." It added,

The Twitter handles @murrayasians and @msublackpeople are NOT university accounts and do not represent the values and core mission of the university. The outpouring of concern and frustration by our students, faculty, & staff (regarding these Twitter accounts) is a clear indication that the university community will not tolerate this type of behavior. As a student centered university, we celebrate and support ALL students.

Curiously, the Murray State News last week included @MurrayAsian in a list of "fun twitter accounts" in a post now removed from the site.

Photo by WKMS/Flickr

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