NYC Subway
Watch the subway come back online bit by bit.

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For survivors of a state of emergency, there’s an unforgettable sensation of elevation on watching the first lights wink back on after the blackout. Thanks to Jonny of the Ex-Genius Tumblr, we can all savor that feeling in some small, sympathetic sense.

He’s created an animated map of the New York City subway system showing the different lines coming to life over the period of Nov. 1-5. From the Manhattan heart, like arteries carrying the lifeblood of of the country’s markets, media, and moneymaking, they grow daily longer, more networked, more robust, until the network is complete and the city’s circulation is restored.

This marvel of GIF engineering, echoing actual marvels of engineering and hundreds or thousands of hours of physical work, has 408 notes, and never fails to arrive on time.

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