An online mom made National Coming Out Day easier for members of the r/gaymers subreddit.

In a world that’s dismissive and sometimes even dangerous for gays and lesbians, one mom is giving LGBT redditors acceptance on National Coming Out Day.

Diogenes71, a member of r/gaymers, a videogaming subreddit for LGBT people and their allies, learned yesterday that quite a few members of the community were unable to come out to their families and friends without risking their well-being.

Writing in a new thread, she urged these gaymers to come out to her instead:

“I'm a 41 year old mom of two teenage boys. My oldest is gay and has the full support of both of his parents and his brother. If you're[sic] family won't accept you, in honor of the day, I will be happy to virtually adopt you if you want to come out to a family that will accept you no matter what.”

More than a hundred redditors accepted her offer gratefully. And each time, Diogenes71 wrote a personal, heartfelt response. For example:

“Mom, I'm gay. I hope this doesn't change our relationship, but if it does, I understand,” LockedInTheCloset wrote. “Thanks for letting me do with you what I can't with my mom IRL :)”

True to her word, Diogenes71 accepted her new digital kid:

“Of course this changes our relationship!” she replied. “I'm even more proud of you than I was before I knew you existed. You have the courage to accept yourself in a society that isn't always supportive of that.”

Gay or straight, redditors expressed their approval.

“That nearly made me cry,” Bengt77 wrote. “You're doing a great service to the gay community here on reddit.”

We’re with Bengt77. Try and read through the entire heartstring-pulling thread without feeling like you just began chopping onions.

Photo by torbakhopper/Flickr

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