Arya Stark attempts the Cinnamon Challenge

arya cinnamon
And, like everyone else before her, she fails.

YouTube's right of passage for 2012, the Cinnamon Challenge, has claimed another victim: Maisie Williams, better known as Arya Stark to Game of Thrones fans.

In a recent video posted to YouTube, Williams tries unsuccessfully to ingest a spoonful of cinnamon only to exhale it out in a puff of brown smoke. Williams gags like the thousands who have failed before her.

Nevertheless, Game of Thrones fans are thrilled by the footage. Uploaded on May 30, the 53-second video, presumably taken from a cellphone, has already collected 12,000 views and been linked by Reddit and Buzzfeed.

"[Why] is it so entertaining? ...watching people suffer" achohelelwhy wrote in a top YouTube comment, quoting a line from the video. “MUST BE A LANNISTER.”

“She paid the cinnamon price” commented Stuxnet101 on Reddit.

Photo via capnlumps/YouTube


cinnamon challenge
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