Today, InterActs continues its series of round tables with a look at the DMCA and current copyright law as it pertains to digital rights.

Today the Daily Dot is pleased to present the first InterActs round table. A partnership with the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC), InterActs is a series of conversations with various members of the world of online media creation.

Through this series of hosted, live-streamed discussions, we hope to explore a number of topics and questions related to online creation: the way the Internet is shaping how we create, what we create, and who gets to create; how online creative communities are forming and evolving; and the many practical, sociocultural, and legal challenges of creating within a boundless and ever-changing Internet.

Today, InterActs continues its series of round tables with a look at the DMCA and current copyright law as it pertains to digital rights: the confusing, the frustrating, and the hopeful. Moderated by David Cooper Moore, the discussion will feature creators, fans, educators, and tech and legal experts who have felt the full impact of DMCA on their work. We'll discuss the victories and challenges in Fair Use across media arts disciplines and fill you in on how to join the community that is staunchly and successfully advocating for protected forms of creation in an increasingly restrictive world.  

The conversation starts at 3pm EST. Tune in right here!

How to interact with us:

  • You can participate in the conversation by commenting here, on YouTube, at the mirror, or by tweeting during the broadcast with the hashtag #InterActs.#DMCA

  • Check out our discussion resources and panelist bios here.

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