Twitter's Real Man keeps it real, man (for real)

The latest experimental account to come out of "Weird Twitter," Real Man responds to anyone who tweets the phrase "for real, man."

He's like the world's most boring superhero, existing solely to tell anyone who will listen that he exists.

He's Twitter's Real Man (@Real_Man_REAL), and he does one thing, and one thing only: He finds people who use the phrase "for real, man" on Twitter, pretends those statements are addressed to him, and responds with a grateful tautology.

Real Man's avatar is a uncanny-valley-violating image of a bald, hairless, naked, computer-generated caucasian male, and is described described simply as "Real Man living Real Life. Hey. Not a bot. Real Man. Hey."

He's the brainchild of Weird Twitter star @cool_pond, whose avatar is a neon image of a body of water wearing hip sunglasses. @cool_pond made waves in October by starting the popular #ThanksDonald hashtag to convince the world that Donald Trump had promised money to victims of Hurricane Sandy, rather than offering it to President Obama as incentive to release his college transcripts.

So far, most of Real Man's correspondents don't seem to be in on the joke, and a few have deleted their original tweets after he replied. This hasn't slowed down Real Man, who has maintained the gag, keeping it real, for real, man.

Photo via @Real_Man_REAL/Twitter

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