Meet the man who wants to become a disposable Kotex maxi pad

The truth about stop-and-frisk practices
Here's what the internet keeps getting wrong about the controversial policing tactic.

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It's never easy to realize your dream, especially when that dream is to become the first human disposable sanitary napkin.
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Reddit's new meme is just a topless woman who agrees with you
Good Girl College Liberal, a meme that spread quickly on Reddit Tuesday, is literally just a topless, dancing young woman who encourages you to do whatever you want to her.
This couple's counter-protesting with pro-lifers, and documenting it on Tumblr
In late June, the Supreme Court rejected a law, enacted in 2007, that required 35-foot buffer zones around abortion clinics in Massachusetts. This law was intended to help minimize episodes of violence and harassment against women and families entering clinics, but the Supreme Court decided it violated the First Amendment.

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