An Indiana teen has been arrested and charged with a felony after allegedly making threats to "go on a rampage" on Facebook.

Eric Rizley, 19, told police he never really intended to carry out attacks in his sleepy hometown of Portage, Indiana. But just weeks after a lone gunman murdered 26 people—including 20 children—at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., it's not surprising Rizley's post touched a nerve, even among those who knew him best. 

"Watch out portage people might be dying soon," the message reportedly read (it's since been deleted).

His friends and family were so bothered by the posts they pleaded with him to stop. Even his mother reportedly jumped into the fray on Facebook. Rizley didn't listen.

"No seriously imma go on a rampage," he replied to the pleas. He later add "bang bang" and "No this is it I’m bout to flip out."

The father of one of those Facebook friends—who later described Rizley as "a kid who was teased a lot in school, but not a bad kid"—reported him to the police, who in turn charged him with felony intimidation. 

Rizley told police he was angry because someone had broken into his house and stole electronics, including a video game system and a laptop.

Photo via Sun-Times Media