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A star football player from the most successful college program in the country just made a huge confession on Twitter.


A star football player from the most successful college program in the country just made a huge confession on Twitter.

"Yea I took $ n college so wat," former Alabama offensive lineman D.J. Fluker tweeted Monday evening. "Cast da 1st stone."

Flunker, projected to be a first-round pick in this month's NFL draft, was a key starter for the Crimson Tide, which has won an unprecedented three of the past four most recent BCS National Championships. College rules rather strictly prohibit players from making money, but stories of agents fronting cash to future pros are common.

"I did wat i had to do. Agents was tryin to pimp me so I pimped them," Fluker added in his tweet.

The tweet, unsurprisingly, has been deleted. Fluker's current agent, Deryk Gilmore—whether it's the same one referenced in his tweet is unknown—quickly moved to damage control mode. 

"To all followers of @DjFluker76 his account has been hacked," Gilmore tweeted about half an hour later, a totally reasonable claim that our readers should readily believe. "We will re-activate his account soon. Thank you for your support."

Fluker's account hasn't been shut down as of this writing. Currently, the most recent tweet on Fluker's timeline is from around the same time as the "Yea I took $ n college" one: He responded, "say what dude," to a user who posted, "Is there something wrong with DJ Fluker because looks retarded."

Photo via @DjFluker76/Twitter

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